Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

The MTS program is a two-year program of study for persons who, while not contemplating ordained ministry, wish to engage in serious academic study of theology. Another option is the MTS-Specialization in Spiritual Care.

This degree may be transferred directly into the MDiv degree program.

To be admitted to this program, a student must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university. To attain the MTS degree, a student must complete the program with an overall average of no less than 60%.

Year One 30
New Testament6
Old Testament6
Church History6
Ethics 3
Systematic Theology 9
Spiritual Formation 3
Electives (1 theology, 1 history, 1 advanced ethics, 1 biblical, 1 pastoral)15
Open Electives (4 classes to be chosen in consultation with an academic advisor)12

Total Credits 60

Specialization in Spiritual Care Option
Required Pastoral Electives9
Clinical Pastoral Education Units 12

Course fee

$11, 200.00 (CAD) per year