Our Community


Emmanuel College was founded at Prince Albert in 1879 and was established and incorporated by Act of the Dominion Parliaments as “The University of Saskatchewan” in 1883. Emmanuel College moved to Saskatoon in 1909 when the provincial university was established. While retaining its university status, it relinquished its title in favour of the new university.

St. Chad’s College was established in Regina in 1907, and remained there until 1964, when it amalgamated with Emmanuel College to form the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad. The College of Emmanuel & St. Chad is now affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan.

By resolution of Provincial Synod in May 1967, the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad was recognized as the Theological College for the Province of Rupert’s Land. However, many of the members of the student body come to study from dioceses beyond the ecclesiastical province.

Now, in 2022, the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad continues to promote strong Christian leadership throughout Western Canada from its location in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Our Vision

Our vision at the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad is to prepare Christian men and women for ministry in Western Canada and beyond.

Our Mission:

Through study and careful mentorship, we pledge to prepare effective leaders to the 21-century Church in a variety of contexts.

Our Seven Core Values:

  • Faith: The historic Christian faith, centred in Jesus, rooted in the Bible, articulated in tradition, active in the present and looking expectantly towards God’s future.
  • Culture: A safe and nurturing environment which fosters growth in Christian discipleship and which promotes friendly, personal interaction among our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Growth: Integrating academic study, spiritual formation, and practical pastoral experience that finds expression within the wider worshipping community.
  • Practice: Excellence in scholarship, teaching, and ministry.
  • Tradition: Our Anglican tradition in its breadth and diversity, seeking ways to hand on what we have learned and to communicate it afresh in each new generation.
  • Context: Our prairie setting and our historic and continuing contribution to the mission of the church in western and northern Canada.
  • Unity: A close and developing relationship with the other colleges of the Saskatoon Theological

The Saskatoon Theological Union

The Saskatoon Theological Union (STU) is a federation of the three theological colleges on the University of Saskatchewan campus, formed to facilitate cooperative and ecumenical approach to the task of theological education. While remaining distinct and separate institutions, the three member colleges share their resources in significant ways.

The STU is just the latest stage in a long tradition of cooperation among the three colleges. In 1969 the three institutions pooled their resources to create the Graduate School of Theology (later known as the Graduate Studies Council at Saskatoon), whose aim was to provide a program of post-graduate theological studies leading to the degree Master of Sacred Theology (STM). In 1981, a computerized union catalogue was introduced, providing for the first time a regularly updated listing of the holdings of the three libraries. In the academic year 1985-86, the decision was taken to issue a common calendar under the name Saskatoon Theological Union. In 1997, the Boards of the three schools voted to explore closer working relationships. A strategic Planning Committee with representation from all three Boards began to meet to look at possibilities of joint space, joint staffing, and joint programming.

The present STU framework allows for the course offerings of all three colleges to be available to students enrolled in any of the member institutions. Attempts are made to coordinate course offerings in each of the areas of study, and in some instances, courses are jointly offered by professors from more than one college.

The functioning of the STU is maintained by means of regular meetings of the faculty members of the three colleges, the heads of colleges, the registrars, a library committee and other ad hoc groups. The Doctor of Ministry Program is supervised by the Director, in conjunction with the Graduate Studies Council consisting of all faculty members.

Since July 2020, the three colleges of the STU have been in closer proximity, as both LTS and Emmanuel & St. Chad relocated to the St Andrew’s College building. In 2021, the STU colleges each approved a Covenant to articulate the values and aspirations of our partnership. It is a living document which continues to nurture and inspire new efforts towards deeper collaboration.