Theological Student’s Society (TSS)

Emmanuel and St. Chad Theological Society or the Theological Student Society, TSS for short, was created in 1979 as the official undergraduate and graduate student organization.  TSS exists to serve, advocate for, and represent enrolled students from the University College of Emmanuel and St Chad.

Our TSS is an unincorporated non-profit organization and officially recognized by the Principal.  We exist to ensure there is a formal link between the student body and faculty.  As a forum the Society is a respectful forum for the sharing of student concerns, it also helps organize projects related to theological education and events or enterprises to enrich student experiences.  Events can include but are not limited to: fund raising, liturgical events, social events, charitable projects, providing ad hoc feedback to faculty, curriculum co-development and if required disciplinary reviews. We welcome all students attending at least one class per academic year to participate and student fees are a modest $50 per year used to host events such as; retreats, potlucks, coffee visits, talent nights, virtual pub nights by video, and assisting with purchase of Personal Protective Equipment face masks. We are interested in being inclusive with all STU (Saskatoon Theological Union) students and they may contact the ESC Registrar to plan to join the TSS especially if taking courses through ESC.

The TSS elects a Senior Stick (President), Vice President and Secretary as officers of the Society. The past Senior Stick is also a member assisting the year after their term of office to assist with continuity of the new executive.  We can attend the University Council of the University of Saskatchewan to offer input and our student perspective with the Vice President taking on this role.  The Senior Stick sits on the Council of the University College of Emmanuel and St. Chad.  Elections take place for Senior Stick at the conclusion of winter terms and the following fall semester new elections occur for Vice President and Secretary.  A TSS Constitution is available and updated from time to time.

Our mission is of course to assist each other to succeed in our individual faith journeys and to support each other in a respectful, caring, and Christian manner. So, whether you are joining us out of high school or a lifelong learner pursuing your passions at the undergraduate or graduate levels to discover a new calling of vocation or continue to learn in retirement we are your Theological Student Society.

Alexa Wallace, Senior Stick 2023-2024
Judy, Vice-Stick
Ryan, Secretary