Students may take up to half of their program through a combination of STU’s on-line and intensive
courses, and courses at another institution, either through credits transferred in on admission, or by
Letter of Permission from the College giving approval to study elsewhere. The procedure is as

    • At the student’s request, the Faculty Advisor assesses the proposed course in cooperation with the Faculty member in the subject area most closely related to the course, taking into account the institution, level, instructor, requirements and suitability of the course for the student’s program.
    • The advisor makes the decision on whether to grant permission in conjunction with the Faculty member in the subject area of the course.
    • The Faculty Advisor reports the decision to the Registrar immediately and seeks approval from the whole Faculty at its next meeting; either the Faculty Advisor or Registrar prepares a Letter of Permission sent directly to the other institution.

Saskatoon Theological Union (STU):
Equivalents have been established for most courses offered at other STU Colleges; these are available from the Registrar. A Letter of Permission is not required for registration in an STU course; these courses follow the same approval process as for College of Emmanuel & St. Chad courses, including approval by the Faculty Advisor.

University of Saskatchewan courses:
All College of Emmanuel & St. Chad’s students need permission to take courses offered at the University of Saskatchewan. Permission is granted only when it is demonstrated that the course will enhance the learning objectives within the student’s program and the course desired is not otherwise available within the STU. The student’s Faculty Advisor will take the request to the next Faculty meeting for approval. Once approved, the process for registration is as follows: For undergraduate courses (numbered 100-600):

    • The student’s Faculty Advisor will write a “Letter of Permission” to the Director of Admissions, U of S. This letter will indicate that the student in question has been granted permission by College of Emmanuel & St. Chad to take a specific course for credit towards a College of Emmanuel & St. Chad’s degree. The letter needs to be sent directly by College of Emmanuel & St. Chad’s to the Admissions office (in a sealed envelope).
    • The student must apply for admission to the University of Saskatchewan on either a U of S application form, checking the box for “casual learner”, and then taking that form along with the required admission fee to Student and Enrolment Services, Administration Building, U of S, or on the web at Students must meet U of S application deadlines!
    • The processing will normally be done within one week of the receipt of both form and letter. Students should be aware that enrolments for some January classes are filled in the September registration.
    • The student will be given a U of S student number and a transcript will be created. At the end of the course the student must request that an official transcript be sent to College of Emmanuel & St. Chad where it can be recorded.

For graduate level classes (numbered 700 or higher):
College of Emmanuel & St. Chad’s students enrolled in the MTS or MDiv degree programs may register in graduate classes at the U of S under a Memorandum of Agreement. Such students must have a grade average of 70% or equivalent and may register for no more than 4 courses (MTS) or 8 courses (MDiv) under this arrangement. There are no additional fees required.

University of Regina Courses:
For undergraduate classes: same as U of S procedure (see above) For graduate level classes: The U of Regina Faculty of Graduate Studies has agreed to duplicate the arrangement between College of Emmanuel & St. Chad and the U of S on an experimental basis