Weekly Worship Services

Here at the College the adventure of spiritual formation is taken as seriously as our academic development: as in all things, integration is the key. Creating and following a “rule of life” is crucial to maintaining our spiritual health in the midst of a somewhat chaotic and crisis-driven world. A personal rule of life includes private prayer, meditation, scripture reading, and sacramental participation. It also includes a disciplined attempt to be present to God’s redemptive action in the liberation and healing of the world around us.

As a community, we do all that we can to support each other in spiritual formation. At the heart of this shared journey is the College’s worship life. One of our key 11 responsibilities as students is regular participation at Chapel; this includes worship planning and leadership. Throughout the liturgical year we mark major feast and fast days (especially St. Chad’s (our patron), Ash Wednesday, and the Paschal Tridiuum) as a College community, so please makes sure you plan your year with these celebrations in mind.

Another component of our life together is attendance at College retreats. Normally, we have an STU shared retreat in the fall, and a College retreat in the winter semester – participation in both is required. Our retreats are intense times of community-building and spiritual growth. Many students experience them as highlights for the year.

College life is never lived in isolation from the wider Christian community. As students, we are expected to find a church home within one of the many Anglican parishes in the city. Involvement in a parish is part of our contextual education requirement, but beyond that it is also an invaluable way to stay connected to the great big wide world beyond the walls of our classrooms. Spiritual life suffers greatly if we cut ourselves off from the larger church and the people who support us and whom we are preparing to serve.

Increasingly, many of us are finding it beneficial to seek the wisdom and majority of a spiritual director. If this is a path which calls to you, arrangements for finding a director can be made privately or in consultation with members of faculty. Other sources of spiritual support can be found in our College’s Pastoral Associates (who act as “chaplains” for the College), Queen’s House, St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster, or the U of S Campus Chaplaincy team. Rest assured that if you desire an intentional form of spiritual support and companionship, every effort will be made to connect you with the right person for your journey.

Worship Times

Tuesday and Thursday – 11:40am

Have a question? Please contact

Rev. Dr. Trish McCarthy

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Internship Field Education Director, Dean of Chapel