Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

The BTh is an alternative program for the preparation of candidates for ordination. It is designed for students who do not already have a university degree.

To be admitted to this program, a student must have completed at least one year of studies in an Arts program at a recognized college or university or its equivalent.

To attain the BTh degree, a student must complete the same three-year program as in the case of the MDiv with an overall average of no less than 60%

Year One 30
New Testament6
Old Testament6
Church History6
Ethics 3
Systematics 3
Spiritual Formation 3
Open Elective3
Year Two 30
Biblical Elective 3
Church History Elective3
Advanced Ethics 3
Systematics 6
Liturgy 33
Homiletics 3
Pastoral Care 3
Open Electives 6
Year Three30
Biblical Elective 3
Open Electives 9
Advanced Liturgy 3
Clinical Pastoral Education6
Internship 9
Non Credit Program Requirements
Contextual Education
Worship Teams
Boundaries Workshop

Total Credits 90

Course fee

$11, 200.00 (CAD) per year