The Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land

The Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land was founded in 1875 and is one of four ecclesiastical provinces in the Anglican Church of Canada. The territory covered by the province is roughly proportionate to the western portion of the former Hudson’s Bay Company concession of Rupert’s Land, as well as the North-Western Territory of British North America. It today consists of the present day provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as well as the extreme western portion of Ontario and the Nunavik area of Quebec. It also includes all of the territories of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

At almost 6.5 million square kilometres, it is the largest ecclesiastical province by area in the country, and was even larger in the past. The Diocese of Moosonee was joined to the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario in 1912; until it formed its own ecclesiastical province in 1914.

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