Planned Giving – Leaving a Legacy

Your will can be a powerful way to support the College.  By designating the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad  as a beneficiary, you will create a legacy that will support theological education well into the future.

Your financial advisor, estate planner or lawyer can provide information about many ways in which your legacy can be arranged.  These include:

  • A gift of a specific amount or a percentage of the residue of your estate
  • A charitable annuity
  • Life insurance, in which the College is named as the beneficiary
  • RRSPs or RRIFs in which the College is named as beneficiary
  • A gift of stocks or mutual funds

If you choose to do so, the College would appreciate knowing of your generosity at the time that you make this decision.

Pre-Authorized Giving

You may choose to provide an on-going structure to your giving to the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad. Whether this be monthly or yearly, you can structure your giving to fit what works best for you.

One-Time Gift

You may choose to provide a one-time financial gift to the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad.

Bursary Giving

You may choose to offer a financial gift for the purpose of student bursary or scholarship. These funds go directly to students in the form of financial aid for courses and degree programs.

Donation of Securities

The gift of stocks or bonds that you currently hold in your personal investment portfolio is a tax efficient way of making a donation to the College.