College Fees

Payment of fees are due the first week of classes for each term (September and January).

Fees for 2021-2022
Full tuition Fees 10 (3) credit course $11,200.00
1 (3) credit course $1,120.00
1 audit course $337.50
Graduate Course upgraded 300 and 400 level $1,300.00
Granting transfer credit from another institution1 (3 credit) course (first 5 transfers-no charge)$1,00.00
Transcript$ 10.00
Worship, Retreat - Community Activities (annual fee)$100.00
Theological Student Societyper academic year $50.00
Academic Applicationnon- refundable$75.00
Occasional Student Application(on site)$25.00
Distance Education
Administrative & Support (one time fee) $150.00
Tuition(one time fee) $1,120.00

Out of Country Students

Prior to being admitted, all out of country students must show evidence that they are able to finance their studies fully, including tuition, books, supplies, travel, transportation, living accommodation, meals and other daily expenses, as well as meeting any standards laid down by the Canadian government for visa or foreign students.

Program Expenses

It is important to give careful thought to financial planning before entering on a program of study. Students should anticipate that program and housing costs normally amount to about $20,000 per academic year. Prior to entering The College of Emmanuel & St. Chad, a student should be prepared to show an adequate and realistic plan for financial support during the training period. Some bursary help is available through the College and the wider church but this help is limited and must be divided amongst a number of students.

Students should be aware that there will be additional costs involved for the Internship components of the program. When budgeting for the Parish Internship students will need to take into account the fact that they may incur additional living expenses since students are normally expected to do their Internships in their sponsoring Dioceses. As well, normal tuition costs equivalent to one half of the full year fees apply to the Internship program. Students on Internship continue to be eligible for Bursary support.

The Clinical Pastoral Education fees vary from program to program. Again, students may incur additional living expense if their CPE unit is outside of Saskatoon. There are a variety of CPE programs available across Canada and the USA.

Financial Assistance

The College has funds available in the form of Bursaries and Scholarships for the support of students. It seeks to divide the income from these trusts as equitably as possible among full-time students. In recent years most students have received bursary or scholarship support in the range of half their annual tuition costs. Application forms are available from the Registar.

Students who are officially recognized as postulants for a diocese should apply for financial support from their own diocese.