All students in degree and diploma programs at College of Emmanuel & St. Chad are assigned a Faculty Advisor. Students should confer with their Faculty Advisors before registering. Faculty Advisor will give advice on the following:

  • credits that can be transferred into the program from elsewhere
  • prior learning assessment and recognition (see policy in Section 3)
  • admission to an Honours program
  • course and other requirements for the student’s program
  • course substitutions
  • complaints about academic offences
  • overall academic performance and standing

For candidates for ordained ministry, the Faculty Advisor will work with the student and the Field Education Director to help in the preparation for the Internship portion of the MDiv program. The Registrar assigns Faculty Advisors for each student upon admission. In the case of a dispute or disagreement between a student and their Faculty Advisor, the Principal or Registrar will mediate, but will not normally re-assign the student or the Faculty member for this reason. However, because of a need to ensure an equal distribution of students for advising among available Faculty members, students may be re-assigned to a new Faculty Advisor at any time, but normally at the beginning of a
new semester.

The Faculty Advisor and/or the Registrar must take some decisions to the full Faculty Council for a decision or recommendation. These include:

  • approval of admission to a program
  • approval of transfer to another program
  • approval of transfer credits (a student wishing to take a course and transfer the credit into a College of Emmanuel & St. Chad program must obtain prior approval from the Faculty Advisor)
  • approval for admission to an Honours program, and certification of satisfaction of language requirement for an Honours program
  • grade appeals
  • placement on academic probation or suspension
  • recommendation of successful completion of internship
  • recommendation for graduation and granting of testamur (recommendation goes to Academic Committee)
  • recommendation for scholarships or awards (recommendation goes to Academic Committee)